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Picture this: Your group overwhelmed with excitement, laughter and amazing magic…

Its crossed your mind, you have pondered the idea of a magic show, but you haven’t imagined anything close to the show Michael can provide for your school or camp. He has been called ‘One of Canada’s Elite Magicians’ and was nominated for Canadian ‘Entertainer of The Year’ by the Special Events Association of Canada, and now you can get the chance to treat your group to this amazing show.

Prepare to take off into a crazy world of magic and illusion. In this show, Michael presents unbelievable magic tailored for schools, camps, libraries and more. You will see Michael perform with his live exotic bird– the act that started Michael’s career, where it magically finishes with a stunning production of a live bird out of thin air; along with that you will be privileged to witness mysterious and hilarious magic routines which include lots of interaction/participation with the children and exciting illusions that are sure to capture the imagination.

The great thing about this presentation is that everything is self-contained. Michael provides everything needed to create a show that is fun, magical and memorable. Sound System, Microphone, any necessary backdrop and more are all included when you book.

Don’t be shy to take a few minutes and watch Michael’s highlight reel – he is the only magician in Ottawa that offers live video of his show!

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Kids don’t want to just see magic – they want to be a part of it!

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Why choose Michael?


Trust Experience

Entertainment is an art, entertaining is a skill – trust a professional. Michael has over 20 years experience and has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world. He is also an award-winning entertainer!



In a world where a lot of people are the same, Michael’s presentation is unmatched and unique. He performs thrilling magic and mind-blowing mental feats; presentations sure to capture the imagination of your guests.



He has different show options and lengths that can meet your desired needs. His show and script can be altered to your specific requirement.


Award Winning

Michael is an award-winning entertainer and has also been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year.

Adaptability To Amaze Any Audience

Through 20+ years of experience and due to the varying demands of being a performer for many different types of events, Mike has learned to become a ‘versatile’ performer, ensuring he can engage and entertain audiences of any size.

He has performed over 4000 shows, completed 5 national tours, seen in 6 different countries and been featured on major television networks across North America. He performs at over 250 events annually.

Years Experience
Performed Shows
National Tours

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