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The Best Birthday Party Magician in Ottawa…

Picture this: Your child, their friends and family – laughing and truly being amazed by thrilling and laugh-out-loud magic!

It can happen. Cue ‘Michael The Magician’! Michael presents one of the most fascinating, amazing, laugh-out-loud and memorable birthday shows in Ottawa today. His show is the perfect solution to your entertainment needs, and most importantly at an affordable cost to your budget. Michael is full time professional with over 20 years experience and performs at over 200 family events every year. He has been featured on the hit international TV show ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’, a showcase for some of the worlds best magicians and has over 2 MILLION FOLLOWERS on TikTok! Additionally he has been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year by the Special Events Association of Canada and named Faces Magazine, Entertainer of the Year!

Michael’s performance is certainly excellent for children’s parties, but they’re also completely family oriented which means kids, teens, adults and grandparents are sure to enjoy the presentation as well. I like to think of my show as one of a kind, simply because I feature illusions and routines that no other magician in Ottawa display! His shows are always filled with great routines that are mysterious, unique and filled with hilarious moments; your group will certainly be dazzled by the incredible illusions that are presented. Most importantly, the birthday child is ALWAYS invited to volunteer regardless of which package you choose and will truly experience the magic on more than one occasion, making them one of the stars of the show! Music & sound effects are also choreographed into the show, which adds to the upbeat atmosphere. The lengths of the performances range from 35-45 minutes.

How much does this amazing show cost? Less than you think… Simply contact Michael today to find out more details and pricing for his amazing birthday packages. Don’t be shy to take a few minutes and watch Michael’s highlight reel – he is the only magician in Ottawa that offers live video clips of his show!

Very important to note: Michael has different shows for different ages. He does not present the same show to a group of 8/9 year olds as he does for a group of 5/6 year olds. Each show is custom tailored to your specific needs, age group and requirements. He has shows perfect for ages 5+. You can also request to have the trick Michael did on Fool Us at your event!

Kids don’t want to just see magic – they want to be a part of it!

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Why choose Michael?


Trust Experience

Entertainment is an art, entertaining is a skill – trust a professional. Michael has over 20 years experience and has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world. He is also an award-winning entertainer!



In a world where a lot of people are the same, Michael’s presentation is unmatched and unique. He performs thrilling magic and mind-blowing mental feats; presentations sure to capture the imagination of your guests.



He has different show options and lengths that can meet your desired needs. His show and script can be altered to your specific requirement.


Award Winning

Michael is an award-winning entertainer and has also been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year.

Adaptability To Amaze Any Audience

Through 20+ years of experience and due to the varying demands of being a performer for many different types of events, Mike has learned to become a ‘versatile’ performer, ensuring he can engage and entertain audiences of any size.

He has performed over 4000 shows, completed 5 national tours, seen in 6 different countries and been featured on major television networks across North America. He performs at over 250 events annually.

Years Experience
Performed Shows
National Tours

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