Tips for having a GREAT show!

Here are some helpful tips for having a great and entertaining show.

1/ No food during the show or right before. This especially applies for kids with drinks as well. The reason why is its just too distracting. Handing out food, kids spilling things, kids are not attentive when eating typically, so its asked that you do not serve food during or right before the show.  I also recommend a bathroom request prior to the show starting so the kids don’t miss out on anything during the show.

2/ Start the show at least 20 minutes after the party begins. Basically don’t have the show time and the party time at the SAME time.

3/ Kids should be on the ground; adults on the chairs, sofas etc. Kids are more attentive sitting on the ground, there is no ‘horse play’ or anything of that nature. Unless you are outdoors in which everyone can sit on a chair.

4/ Have a set space that you envisioned for the show and have it separate from a common/traffic area if possible. If your house is open concept, no worries this is just an idea. Any adults who wish to socialize should be in a different room. However the show is great for adults as well!

5/ If there are any toys or distractions, please have them tidied up or put away prior to the show. There must be one adult in the room for the show. Any kids who are being rude or impolite during the show should be asked to take a break from the performance until they feel they can watch the show respectfully with everyone else.

Why choose Michael?


Trust Experience

Entertainment is an art, entertaining is a skill – trust a professional. Michael has over 20 years experience and has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world.


Award Winning

Michael is an award-winning entertainer and has also been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year.


One of a Kind

In a world where a lot of people are the same, Michael’s presentation is unmatched. He performs unique and original mentalism and presentations sure to capture the minds of your guests.


Clean, Appropriate Entertainment

Michael understands the landscape of the corporate and special event world. Having a clean, and presentation for your group is always guaranteed. There is no vulgar or ‘inappropriate’ material used.

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